• Jeffrey Katzenberg Discusses Technicolor’s Ability To Enable Storytelling

    Learn more about Technicolor’s long-standing relationship with DreamWorks Animation from Jeffrey Katzenberg.


    “Technicolor was there at the beginning, and Technicolor was there at the middle, and Technicolor is here today,” reflects the CEO of DreamWorks Animation, Jeffrey Katzenberg, in this video celebrating Technicolor’s 100 years of creative technology. Offering his earliest Technicolor memories and his experiences collaborating with Technicolor throughout the evolution of animation technology, Katzenberg links the technology behind storytelling with the importance Technicolor has played in the entertainment industry.

    Watch the video below and celebrate 100 years of Technicolor and its innovative approach to enabling storytelling.

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  • Martin Scorsese Names His Favorite Technicolor Film And Discusses “Extreme Technicolor Experiences”

    Iconic director, screenwriter, and producer, Martin Scorsese reflects on 100 Years of Technicolor.


    Academy Award-winning Martin Scorsese needs no introduction.  With the likes of Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Aviator, and countless critically-acclaimed films on his resume, his name has become synonymous with excellence in film-making. With a passion for film history, Scorsese has collaborated with Technicolor on a multitude of films over the years.

    In a video celebrating Technicolor’s centennial, Mr. Scorsese discusses some of his earliest cinematic memories of Technicolor and the industry giants before him. Giving names to “extreme Technicolor experience[s]”, he gives examples of the iconic shots and visuals that marked a Technicolor film.

    Watch the video below and celebrate some of cinemas best moments with 100 Years of Technicolor.

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  • The 1970s: The Decade of a Generational Shift

    American filmmaking in the 1970s is fondly remembered as being one of the most creative decades in motion picture history.  Talent, industry trends, and personalities converged in that decade to change the shape of filmmaking forever.  Meanwhile, Technicolor played a major role in the industry’s evolution at that time through its ability to reinvent itself, while at the same time, supporting those creative visionaries that took over the industry…filmmakers like Francis Coppola, Warren Beatty, Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas.

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